Our Services

aecIE can provide the services needed for a construction project at any stage of the project or all the stages from blank paper to an operational building and operational factory.

We can work on any specific aspect that the client wishes or in a turnkey project aecIE works with the client on each of the aspects. All projects can be broken down into several stages as follows

Feasibility Studies & Master Planning

to assist the client in making decisions concerning cost and construction.

Preliminary Design

to provide conceptual engineering for process, utilities and equipment involved in the project.

Detail Design & Permitting

a thorough description of all processes, equipment, materials, arrangements, connections, installations, plans, instructions, etc.


the process of acquiring what is needed to construct the project including preparation of bid packages for subcontractors, choosing subcontractors and choosing vendors.

Construction Supervision & Management

to ensure that a project is built according to the design specifications and on schedule.


building the structure, facilities, installing the equipment, making piping, electrical and instrument connections.

Commissioning & Training

testing of processes, equipment and instrumentation to be sure they meet design specifications and function accordingly.

With all in-house full-time personnel of various disciplines utilizing the latest technology, our clients can expect design coordination, quick response with direct communication of involved persons, design follow-up during construction and other long-term services.